Production Line

We have 3000 square meters Purification Workshop (100,000-level &10,000-level), and more than 10 production lines for various precision filters cartridge, 6 productions lines for string wound filters, meet customers’ requirement.

We have complete quality control process, which can track the whole process of the production process, the tracking period is 2 years, ensuring high quality products.

Shanghai Pullner Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. factory production line 0



1. Provide OEM services to many companies at hone and abroad, meet various requirements from production to packing.

2. Our company have sound quality management system and quality tracking system to ensure the long-term stability of our products.

3. The customers can also come to our company for random inspection or come to the company for resident inspection.


1. Our laboratory is equipped with varieties of test facilities: Aperture distribution instrument, water single-pass test bench, scanning electron microscope, bacterial challenge lab, online particle detector, diaphragm test bench, air permeability tester, filter cartridge integrity tester, test trolley for simulating field conditions, etc. With several test experts, quickly provide customers varies conditions solutions.

2. Our company is equipped with a well-structured, high-level technical R&D and verification team, provide quality products for customers.

3. Focusing on R&D and innovation investment, acquired multiple patents, designed various filters cartridge and housings suitable for different working conditions, effectively improve filters service life and reducing customers operating costs.


Shanghai Pullner Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. factory production line 0

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